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Velz Family


Eastern Belgium

Our village belongs to the Commune of Büllingen, one of the nine communes
forming together the German-speaking community of eastern Belgium.

Our region is situated in the belgian part of the area called "Eifel"
(French-speaking people often call it "Ardennes", older Americans know the region very well,
because it's the place where the "Battle of the Bulge" took place)
where the borders of three European countries meet: Belgium, Germany and Luxemburg..
Our native-language is German, since our region belonged too
Germany for the most important part of its history. We became
Belgians in 1920 and since 1969 the German language has been
recognized as the third national language of Belgium. About
65.000 people in Belgium speak German, 5,5 million people speak
Flemish (Dutch) and 4 million are French-speaking.

Job & Hobbies

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Alfons & Bernadette Velz-Palm
Pannegasse 3, Mürringen
B - 4760 Büllingen

June 2003